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Success Story Term Conditions

I (“Client”) hereby authorize LA Weight Loss & Wellness LLC, and its affiliates, subsidiaries and agencies hereinafter referred to as “LA Weight Loss” to use my name, likeness, picture and/or video provided by Client to LA Weight Loss hereinafter referred to as “Testimonials” for use in connection with advertising and promotion of LA Weight Loss including but not limited to Print, Web, TV, Radio, and Social Media. Client agree that LA Weight Loss shall have the right to use the Testimonials hereunder at any time, as frequently as desired and in any place and in any form of visual reproduction, internet or media. LA Weight Loss and Client represent and agree that they are under no restrictions from entering in an Agreement and that this constitutes their entire Agreement and shall exist and be construed according to the laws of the State of Michigan. Client certifies that he/she is 18 years of age or older. Further, Client hereby releases and discharges LA Weight Loss from liability arising any injury of any kind that might be sustained by Client from his/her participation in or in connection with the making or use of the Print or Video for which I have granted rights. Client testifies that the weight loss information that he/she has provided is true and accurate.